5- gallon kitchen degreaser cleans up to 56,000 square ft.

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• Custom formulated for the most demanding commercial kitchens

• Recommended usage 2 times a week - once a month

• Cuts food grease in 2-10 minutes

• Keeps your Johnny Grip tile in peak working order

• Cleans up to 56,000 Sq. Ft.

• Replaces your current degreaser

• 100% Money back guarantee

Women mopping on Tile Degreaser
Will Tile Degreaser keep my floor clean from dirt?
Yes. Tile Degreaser will help loosen up dirt.
Will Tile Degreaser keep my floor non-slip?
If your tile has already been treated with Johnny Grip. Yes.
Tile Degreaser will cut and dissolve food grease and help keep your floor safe.
Should I continue to use my old degreaser?
Can I use Tile Degreaser in my in-wall dispensing system?
No. Tile Degreaser should not be transferred from its container.
What type of floors should this be used on?
Tile Degreaser should only be used on tile floors.
Is this safe to use in commercial kitchens?
Yes. Tile Degreaser was made to be used in commercial kitchens & restaurants.
How often should I use Tile Degreaser?
Depending on how fast your floor gets greasy, normally once a week.
Do I need to use Johnny Grips Tile Degreaser to keep my tile non-slip?
No. But there are very few kitchen degreasers that actually work, and you will need a good one.

Money back guarantee

If for any reason your are not completely satisfied with your purchase of Johnny Grip, simply return the product and we will refund 100% of your money within 15 days.
The bottle must be at least 90% full to return the product.

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