"My bathtub is safe now with Johnny Grip"

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  • Johnny Grip Makes Tubs Non-Slip
  • non-slip-bathtub-texture-16oz-bottle
  • Bathtubs are Slip-Resistant Even When Wet
  • Mop on —Rinse Off — You're Done!
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Permanently Safer Bathtub
  • Won't Hold Dirt or Mold
  • Works on Porcelain Tubs or Tile
  • Does not Work on Plastic Tubs
non slip bathtub 16-oz
non slip bathtub
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The bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in a house, accounting for 75% of household accidents, and the main culprit in most bathrooms is the bathtub. Quite simply, a slippery tub is an accident waiting to happen.

Slip-and-fall bathtub injuries can be quite serious. Each year a third of American senior citizens fall and a third of those require medical treatment. In fact, falls are the leading cause of death from injuries among the elderly. And slippery bathtubs aren't just a risk to the elderly.

A recent study of children who were treated in the emergency room of Columbus, Ohio's Children's Hospital for bathtub-related injuries found fully 82.3% of those injuries were from slips and falls. The study went on to say that adult supervision alone did little to prevent the falls and that preventative measures such as providing a non-slip bathtub were the best way to prevent slips and falls.

Bath mats attach with suction cups that trap water and lead to mold. Bathtub strips leave slippery gaps that don't solve the problem. Johnny Grip is a quick and easy no-slip bath treatment that leaves the entire surface of the tub safely slip resistant Justs mop or sponge it on and rinse it off and your tub is permanently safer. Buy Now: 16 Ounce1 Gallon5 Gallon