Make your Slippery Shower Floor Safe with Johnny Grip

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  • Microscopically etches slippery shower floors making them permanently non slip
  • non-slip-bathtub-texture-16oz-bottle
  • Dramatically improves slip-resistance
  • Mop on - Wait 15 Minutes - Rinse Off
  • Works on most tile surfaces will NOT work on plastic
  • Never wears off
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!
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You can fix your slippery shower floor in just minutes - Guaranteed or your money back. Johnny Grip slippery shower treatment actually alters the surface of the shower floor, etching it permanently with microscopic grooves that leave it permanently safer. The treatment is invisible to the eye, but results in dramatically improved slip-resistance on the wet shower floor.
Climbing into or out of a slippery shower or bathtub is challenging for anyone, but statistics show that it's particularly difficult for children and the elderly. People in these demographic groups are vulnerable to a slip and fall accidents, one of the most common sources of injuries in the home. With Johnny Grip, wet surfaces become nearly as slip-resistant as dry ones! It's a quick and easy way to prevent a devastating accident in the shower.
Shower rails can help, but they can be slippery themselves and often require lightning quick reflexes to be of use. Bath mats gather water and can cause mold to develop, resulting in a dirty mess. And bath appliques only provide a partial coverage. Johnny Grip treats the entire surface of the shower floor in a single, 15 minute application. The results will amaze you! Buy Now: 16 Ounces1 Gallon5 – Gallon