How Can I Increase the Coefficient of Friction on my Tile Floor?

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We always knew that treatment with Johnny Grip provides an enormous improvement in the slip resistance and coefficient of friction on tile floors! But to make it official, we went to an independent testing lab, Artech Testing, in Chantilly, VA. This lab used two standard methods of testing the static coefficient of friction for tile floors with and without Johnny Grip treatment.
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Both of these tests showed a dangerously slippery value for coefficient of friction on the wet tiles: less than a 0.4 coefficient of friction. As anyone who has tried to walk on a wet bathroom tile floor knows, this is a very dangerous condition.
Amazingly, the friction tests showed that when treated with Johnny Grip, the tile floors had a huge increase in coefficient of friction when wet. In fact, these tests showed that with Johnny Grip, tile floors are nearly as slip-resistant when wet as they are when dry! Artech Testing Test Result
Imagine a wet tile floor that feels just as slip-resistant as a dry one. That's the difference Johnny Grip makes! Buy Now: 16 Ounces - 1 Gallon - 5 - Gallon

What is Coefficient of Friction on Tile and How is it Measured

Tiles used on commercial and home flooring should provide a safe walking surface in both wet and dry conditions. The coefficient of friction is a number that describes how slip-resistant a tile surface is. Static coefficient of friction is tested by placing a weight on the tile surface, pulling it, and measuring the force required for to make the weight slide.
A static coefficient of friction value of 0.50 is currently recommended by OSHA. The Americans with Disabilities Act recommends a static coefficient of friction value of 0.60 for accessible commercial areas and 0.80 for ramps. As the test results show, Johnny Grip dramatically improves the coefficient of friction on wet tiles, leaving a safer, slip-resistant tile surface. Buy Now: 16 Ounces - 1 Gallon - 5 - Gallon