Make Your Ceramic Tile Non Slip With Johnny Grip

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  • Indoors / outdoors
  • Make Ceramic Tile Non-slip in 15 Minutes
  • Mop on – Rinse off – You're Done!
  • Safe and Effective
  • Long Lasting
  • Won't Yellow – Not a Coating!
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
ceramic tile non slip treatment 1 gallon
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Johnny Grip Has Been Featured In Handyman Magazine

Ceramic tile is unmatched in terms of durability. However, the same hardness and high resistance to moisture absorption that gives ceramic tile such remarkable longevity can contribute to its becoming slippery when wet, creating a serious slip-fall hazard. But now there's good news: You can have non slip ceramic tile floors in just minutes! Improve safety and prevent slip-fall accidents in your kitchen or bathroom, restaurant, hotel, hospital, or anywhere with slippery ceramic tile. Johnny Grip is a proven anti-slip ceramic tile treatment that mops on and rinses off to fix slippery ceramic tile floors and slippery tubs forever - Guaranteed or your money back!
Not a coating, Johnny Grip mop on/rinse off anti-slip floor treatment is proven to make wet ceramic tile floors slip-resistant.
It works so well that Handyman Magazine decided to run a feature article on it.