What types of surfaces does Johnny Grip work on?
Johnny Grip is perfect for any porcelain surface such as bathtubs, shower floors. It's also great for porcelain tile, ceramic tile, quarry, travertine concrete - any rock-like surface. Johnny Grip should NOT be used on: plastic or fiberglass tubs, tile that has an aftermarket sealer on it, tile that has been waxed, marble, granite, terrazzo, wood, metal, linoleum, or plastic tile.
Where can I buy Johnny Grip?
Johnny Grip is not available in stores. Our online store is the exclusive source of Johnny Grip.
Does Johnny Grip change the appearance of a surface?
When used as directed, Johnny Grip does not change the appearance of a surface. Just make sure to rinse it off after applying and you’re good to go.
When I apply Johnny Grip, how long do I have to stay off the treated floor?
Johnny Grip works instantly. When used as directed, floors are immediately walkable. Just mop on and rinse off!
How much Johnny Grip do I need?
We provide Johnny Grip in 16 ounce, 1 gallon, and 5 gallon economy size containers. Check the pages on this site for each size to decide which is right for your needs.
What is Johnny Grip?
Johnny Grip non-slip floor treatment is a non-toxic, people-and-pet-friendly solution.
Will Johnny Grip work in my high-traffic areas?
Yes, Johnny Grip is perfect for high-traffic areas. Its microscopic non-slip treatment will not wear off.
Is Johnny Grip guaranteed?
Johnny Grip is covered by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not COMPLETELY satisfied, then return the unused portion and we will refund you the total purchase price within 15 days.
Is Johnny Grip safe to use around children and pets?
You will want to keep kids and pets away from the floor until its dry.
What rooms or locations could benefit from using Johnny Grip?
Johnny Grip is the ideal anti-slip treatment for: Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, kitchens, entry ways, dining rooms, pool decks, bathrooms, slippery bathtubs, and slippery shower floors.
Once a surface is treated with Johnny Grip, do I have to clean that surface any differently?
No, not at all. You can clean the surface as you normally would.
Can I apply Johnny Grip myself?
Absolutely! Applying Johnny Grip non-slip treatment is as easy as mopping a floor. Read our instructions on how to make a bathtub non slip, make tile non slip, make ceramic tile non slip, and make porcelain tile non slip.
How does Johnny Grip work?
Johnny Grip contains a formula that microscopically etches the tile surface, making it permanently safer! After treatment, wet tile floors have an increased friction value, so the floor is much safer and more slip-resistant. In fact, with Johnny Grip, your wet tile floors will be nearly as slip-resistant as dry floors! How it Works
Will Johnny Grip discolor the grout in my bathroom?
Actually, Johnny Grip will clean the grout, making it look like new. However if the original grout has been re-colored or re-dyed, then Johnny Grip may bleach the color out, but this is rare.
If I use Johnny Grip, can I save on my liability insurance?
Some insurance companies have been willing to lower rates for clients who use Johnny Grip. Check with your agent.
Does Johnny Grip Increase the Coefficient of Friction on Tile?
Yes! Johnny Grip has been tested and shown to dramatically improve the coefficient of friction on tile. Read more about Johnny Grip and Coefficient of Friction on Tile.
Is Johnny Grip a coating – like a wax or an acrylic?
No, it isn’t. Johnny Grip non-slip treatment is more advanced than a non-slip coating, which can wear off and require several reapplications. More on Johnny Grip vs. non-slip coatings
Is it safe to buy Johnny Grip online?
Absolutely. All sales on this site are handled by the PayPal payment service through a 128 Bit Encrypted connection that is completely hacker-proof. We never see customers’ credit card numbers or personal information.
How often do I have to apply Johnny Grip?
One application of Johnny Grip lasts for the life of the floor or other surface!
How do I get a free sample?
We do not send out free samples or samples of any kind. Due to overwhelming demand for Johnny Grip, we are too busy shipping orders to handle requests for free samples!
Is Johnny Grip a Non Skid Tile Treatment?
Yes! Many people refer to Johnny Grip as a Non Skid Tile Treatment or an Anti Slip Tile Treatment. It is also referred to as an Anti Slip Floor Treatment or a Non Skid Floor Treatment.
Does Johnny Grip sell a tile degreaser?
Yes. Visit this link to learn more, we have one of the best tile degreasers on the market today.
Does Johnny Grip make the tile more non-slip when the tile is both wet and dry?
No. Johnny Grip only makes the tile more non-slip when it's wet.
Will Johnny Grip degrade or weaken the tile?
Not at all.
How do I get an MSDS sheet?
Click on this link to view and print our MSDS sheets.