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• Lightweight and portable - under 8 lbs.

• Easy to use - digital readout

• Affordable - about 1/3 the price of other static friction testers

• Gage Manufactured to +/- 1% accuracy

• Tested and calibrated prior to shipping

• Use for ASTM slip testing - friction testing for floors

• Carrying Case Included

• One year manufacturer warranty

how to use slip meter
slip meter testing
This ASM slip meter is very easy to use with its digital readout. To use the meter you will insert either the leather or rubber sensors into the bottom of the meter, depending on what type of shoe you would like to replicate. You will then leave the area you would like to test dry or you can apply some water. Then by holding the control line you will slowly pull the slip meter a few inches across your area until the digital screen shows the peak read out numbers.

Any business that is open to the public and is serious about safety eventually needs to purchase a slip meter. A quality slip meter will provide a quick and accurate measure of the static coefficient of friction on your floors. Regular floor slip testing is an important part of a businesses safety and ADA compliance program, and can be a part of your defense against slip and fall litigation.

There are many different slip testers; we have chosen to sell the American Slip Meter (ASM 825 DIGITAL) because we believe it is the best slip meter in the business

  • 1-ASM Slip Meter
  • 1-Instruction/Info Book
  • 1-Safety Log Work Sheet
  • 1-Accessory Container
  • 1-Container of Glue (For neolite sensors)
  • 1-Carrying Case
  • 2-Control/Activator Lines*
  • 1-Calibration Chain
  • 1-Sensor Cleaning Brush
  • 9-Sensor Retainers (3 sets of feet)
  • 15-Neolite Sensors (5 sets)*
  • 1-Sheet of 400 Grit Wet/Dry
  • Silicone Cabide Paper
American slip meter kit